Custody price

Every month we charge a commission for safeguarding crypto assets. It’s calculated as % of the total stored amount of each type of currency.

Bitcoin (BTC) up to 0.2%
Ethereum (ETH) up to 0.2%
Litecoin (LTC) up to 0.2%
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) up to 0.2%

To find out the the actual amount of fee for each stored currency, you can always check your personal service account.

Here is how commissions are charged:

  • On the 1st day of every month, we collect commissions of the previous month. (commissions of different currency types will be collected all at once)
  • If all the funds in the account needed to be withdrawn, we charge commissions on the moment of the withdrawal based on the balance in the account.
  • After a withdrawal operation, if the balance in the account becomes equal to or lower than the commission, the commission will be charged based on the balance at the moment of the withdrawl.
  • In case the account balance becomes equal to or lower than the current commission, we will inform you and charge the commission.
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