One fee for all.

0,1% of total amount stored, per month.

Only fair price. No extra or hidden fees.
  • No minimum deposit
  • Free with storing BKX
  • No withdrawal fees

0,1% Commission is calculated as a percentage of the total amount of each currency stored in Custody Service.

How commissions are charged:
  • On the 1st of every month, we charge the fee for the previous month. Fees for different currencies are charged at the same time.
  • Monthly fee recalculated automatically after each change of total storage amount.
  • If all funds in the account are withdrawn, we charge fee at the moment of withdrawal, based on the account balance.
  • If a withdrawal causes the balance on the account to become equal to or lower than the calculated fee, the fee will be charged based on the balance at the moment of the withdrawal.
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BANKEX Custody could be absolutly FREE if you store equal amount of BKX for each crypto currency.

We do not collect any BKX from your storage, as a service fee.

For free use of service you should just keep enough BKX on accounts. That’s it.


FREE when storing 5000 BKX for every 1 BTC


FREE when storing 150 BKX for every 1 ETH


FREE when storing 500 BKX for every 1 BCH


FREE when storing 50 BKX for every 1 LTC


FREE when storing 1 BKX for every 1 LTC


FREE forever for any amount


FREE forever for any amount

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